Q & A | Health One Labs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the ordering process for ordering my own lab tests work?
A. You select the test you want online and open a confidential password-protected mailbox for yourself on our secure server.  With in two hours during the business day, you will receive an email indicating your Lab Requisition Form is ready to download. This is the form that you will print and take to the Lab that you chose during the ordering process.  No appointment is necessary at the lab.  
At the lab, you will present the laboratory requisition form to the receptionist. You will not need to pay any additional fees. A technician will draw the appropriate blood specimen for the tests you have paid for as indicated on your Laboratory Requisition Form from Health One.  If you have ordered a urine test, the technician will provide you with a collection cup & top and direct you to a private lavatory.
Usually the next business day, Health One Labs receives your online blood tests and laboratory results electronically from the laboratory. We upload your results into your secure online mailbox, and then send you an email indicated your results are ready to download. You may then view and/or download your results at your convenience.

Q: I didn't get an email with my laboratory requisition form.  Now what? 

  1. Check your junk or spam mailbox in case our email did not go to your inbox.
  2. Login to our website to get your lab form (and results when applicable):
    • Log in to www.HealthOneLabs.com using the user id and password you established
    • Go to your Order History by clicking on "Welcome, User ID!"
    • Click the blue eyeball icon next to your order to obtain your form
    • Check the accuracy of your email address by clicking "Back to your account" under Your Order HIstory.  Note:  corrections will go into effect on your next order
  3. Contact us at info@HealthOneLabs.com or 703.534.6766

Q. I have downloaded the Laboratory Requisition Form but some fields are blank. Should I complete the form?
A.  No, the fields for "responsible party, primary insurance, relationship" etc. do not apply to those, like yourself, who have prepaid and self-ordered your own tests.

Q. I have downloaded the Laboratory Requisition Form. Should I sign it?
A. No, you should not sign the form. You have prepaid and have no further responsibility for payment. The "Account Billing" note near the top of your form will key the receptionist at the lab to this fact.  Account Billing patients, such as yourself, do not need sign for more responsibility.

Q.  Do I need to contact Health One Labs after going to the lab?
A.  No, the lab will notify us when your results are ready, usually the next day (some tests take longer). However, you are always welcome to contact us anytime during the process.

Q. What Laboratory will do my testing?
A. We partner with the nation's two largest laboratories. The large laboratories have labs throughout the country which facilitate the online laboratory testing program. Health One has established accounts with the major labs across the country since 1980 (there have been some name changes during those years).  
Q. Will I be able to read my laboratory results?
A. The laboratory provides the "Reference Interval" for each test that is reported on your results. The Reference Interval is the normal result. If any of your results are outside of the Reference Interval, the results will also be flagged to help draw your attention to this result. Any abnormal results should be followed-up with a personal physician consult. 

Q. Why use Health One Labs?
A. We have the best online lab tests and blood test prices and the best customer service. Since 1980, we have provided lab tests in group workplace settings around the country, in our Alexandria, VA. health clinic, and to individuals using the labs.  For more background, see our corporate website: www.HealthOneInc.com.
Q. Will my insurance reimburse me for the cost  if I order my own online lab tests?
A. Your health insurance provider will not reimburse you for tests you order through www.healthonelabs.com. Health One Labs can not assist you with insurance claims.
Q. If more information is needed about my lab test results, whom should I consult?
A.  You should consult your personal physician for details on the findings of any online lab tests or blood tests.

Q. I haven’t received my lab results and it has been 24 hours.  What should I do? 
A. Some results take longer (refer to the test you ordered under "Tests Offered").  If you have not heard from us in the normal reporting time, please contact us by email or telephone.

Q. I placed my order and haven't received my form from Health One. 

A. You will receive an email and link to your lab requisition form typically within 2 hours from placing your order.  Please check your junk mailbox in case your spam filter was activated.   You can also contact us by email or telephone from the Contact Us link and we will assist you.  

Q. How do I determine what online lab test(s) to order?
A. Please review each test profile on this website for details, review labtestsonline.org, or, best, consult your physician. 

Q.  If I order multiple blood tests, will I need to have more than one needle stick?
A.  No, just one needle stick. It is common to order multiple labtests off of one blood draw.

Q. My credit card indicates multiple charges, but I only placed one order, why?
A. If you receive a message when processing your payment that indicates the billing address or the three digit card verification code doesn't match the bank records your credit card provider will place a temporary hold of funds on your credit card. The *pending* charge may temporarily appear on your online bank statement but the charge will be automatically removed in 2-3 banking days. The 'authorization hold' is a normal banking industry practice.

Q. My HSA Administrator needs a receipt?  Can I obtain one? 

A. You can obtain a receipt for all your orders using the following steps:

  1. Log in to www.HealthOneLabs.com using the user id and password you established.
  2. Go to your Order History by clicking on "Welcome, User ID!"
  3. Click the blue eyeball icon next to your order # and the order details will be displayed on your screen. 
  4. Use your browser's print function to print the page; this is the receipt information for your order.


Our Most Popular Lab Test

Comprehensive Health Profile

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The Comprehensive Health Profile has been our most popular online lab test since 1980. The profile screens for cardiovascular risk, major organ function, anemia, diabetes, infection, blood disease, and other indications of illness. This is the laboratory blood test routinely ordered as part of an annual physical exam. (View online test result explanation for Comprehensive Health Profile.)

The Comprehensive Health Profile consists of the following groups of online lab tests:

  • Lipid Panel
  • Liver Profile
  • Kidney Panel
  • Minerals & Bone
  • Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Diabetes Screen Blood Test

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