Q & A | Health One Labs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the process work?

A(1). Click here for the answer in our 3 minute video 

A(2) A brief outline of the process:

  • You select the lab test(s), pick a lab location, set-up an online account, pay for tests.

  • We transmit your order to the lab, and send you a copy to take with you as backup.

  • You have 6 months to go to the lab. Labs are walk-in, but appointments also accepted.

  • We receive your results from the lab, then send you an email that they are ready.

  • All your orders and results are archived in your on-line account.

Q. What can I expect when I go to the lab?

A. You will present your lab form to the receptionist. You are prepaid, and we’ve transmitted your lab order to them so there is no additional paperwork. You will go to a back office where a phlebotomist will draw your blood. If you have a urine test, you will be do be directed to a private lavatory and provided a specimen container. That’s it.

Q. How long does it take to get my results?

A. Most results are available to you the next day. If a certain test takes longer, we’ve made note of it on the ordering page. Please be advised that if you have multiple tests ordered, the lab will not release test results until all the tests are complete on your order. Also, delays do happen so if you have a doctor’s appointment or other deadline, please build in an extra day or two of slack time. If you have an urgent medical need for a test result, please see your physician who can order you a “stat” test. We do not offer stat testing.

Q. How do I access my Account for lab orders, lab results, to make administrative changes?

A. Go to www.healthonelabs.com and “Log In”.

Go to Order History (get there by clicking on Welcome “your user name”). Click on blue eyeball icon next to order or result you want to access.

You can also print receipts, change your password, or update an email address.

Q. How do I determine which lab test to order?

A. Consult your physician (best choice), go to www.labtestsonline.org, and/or call us for general information.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

A. No, our doctor will make the order. It is part of our service.

Q. Does your doctor review the results with me?

A. No, it will be your responsibility to follow-up with your own physician if you have questions or concerns about your lab results. We can help you understand if your results are in the normal or abnormal range or with general administrative type questions, but we cannot provide you with medical advice, a diagnosis or prescription service. Our type of service is not appropriate for everyone. We recommend that you consult your physician if you are unsure how best to proceed with lab testing.

Q. Will I be able to read and understand my lab results?

A. Please see our “Sample Lab Results” under Resources. You may also want to review information on this non-profit website: www.labtestsonline.org. We are happy to discuss this with you before you order. Our number is (703) 534-6766.

Q. Are there any other charges?

A. No. The lab test fee you see on our website is the complete charge. It includes the doctor’s ordering service, the lab collection service, the lab testing – everything.

Q. What about health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and HSAs.

A. Self-ordered lab tests are not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Self-ordered lab tests are valid HSA expenses.

Q. How do I order for another person from my account? Or make orders for multiple persons?

A. As part of the ordering process, you will be asked to provide the patient’s name, date of birth, and sex. The patient does not need to be the same as the ordering account holder. If you want to order tests for more than one person, please complete individual orders. As with a prescription for the drug store, your lab orders can only have one name on each order that goes to the lab.

Q. Can I order multiple tests on one order for myself?

A. Yes, just “continue shopping” for more lab tests until you are ready to “check-out”.

Q. What laboratory will do the testing?

A. Quest Diagnostics, which is one of two national laboratories (see labcorp.com). We offer lab testing at the other national laboratory, LC, via our website: www.inquirelabs.com.

Q. Are my lab tests confidential?

A. It depends. Some abnormal test results, mostly related to infectious diseases and occupational hazards, entail mandatory reporting to local health departments. Call us if you want to discuss in detail.

Q. Why isn’t there any lab locations in my state?

A. A few states still have regulations which preclude self-order lab testing.


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  • Fluids & Electrolytes
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